Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using www.socialkit.me henceforth service.

Your access to and use of the service is conditioned on your acceptance of and conpliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the service.

By accessing or using the service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the service.


Our service lets users register by providing basic info (username, password and email). The information provided for registration is necessary otherwise the user will not be able to complete the registration. Usernames and emails have to be unique, meaning that a user cannot register with a username or email that is already registered in our database. To complete the registration a user has to click the link that is sent to the email address provided on registration. Clicking on that link will make the account active and the user will be able to use the service. If a user registers but does not click on the link then the account will not be activated. The user will not have the right to use the service.


To use the service, a user has to login by providing username and password. The service lets the user create a new password if the original password is not available. To create a new password, a user has to submit a request for a password reset by providing the email address which was used for registration. Providing a different email address will not be accepted and the request will be considered invalid.


A user's data are stored on our database which is not accessible by other entities. The data are not sharable with any other entity or system. SocialKit may use these data to create anonymous results or customized advertising actions. Any advertising action which uses SocialKit data will be controlled by SocialKit or by collaboration of SocialKit and the respective third party entity. SocialKit will not share these data uncontrollably with any other entity or system.


The service lets users create a profile by providing data about their Instagram account. SocialKit is not controlled by Instagram neither has any connection with it. SocialKit does not use the Instagram API to perform any authorization or action to your Instagram account. SocialKit is a separate service. Providing the data which are mentioned in the profile page is not necessary, but they are required in order to create a decent SocialKit experience. A user has total control of what is displayed on his/her profile. A user has the right to delete the account completely by contacting the service's administrator. A deleted account cannot be recovered. A user has the right to deactivate the account from the profile page. A deactivated account is not searchable and can be reactivated any time. Moreover a deactivated account will not be accessible via direct url.


The service lets users create content by creating their profiles. The content created must comply with these Terms. Accounts found containing any content that does not comply with the terms might be suspended. Users are not allowed to publish any fake information about their Instagram profile. Users are not allowed to contain links to third party websites except Instagram. Users should use only their Instagram profile's link and not links to multiple Instagram accounts. Users should publish information regarding only theirs Instagram account and not multiple accounts.

Suspended Accounts

SocialKit profiles that do not comply with these Terms might be suspended without warning. The administrators have the right to suspend any account without warning at any time. Users with suspended accounts should contact the administrators after they have made the necessary changes in order for their profiles to comply with the terms. After checking the account should be reactivated as soon as possible.